KNSK - Kancelaria Adwokatów i Radców Prawnych
KNSK - Kancelaria Adwokatów i Radców Prawnych
KNSK - Kancelaria Adwokatów i Radców Prawnych

Cooperative law

The cooperative movement in Poland is long past its heyday, and regrettably so. However, cooperatives continue to exist, and some of them are well-managed and do very well on the market.

Based on our long-standing experience in this area, we can offer legal services for a range of cooperatives, including housing, dairy, worker cooperatives, as well as Agricultural Production Cooperatives. We support individual cooperatives, as well as cooperative associations and organisations.

Our legal assistance involves in particular:

  • providing support in the formation, registration and liquidation of cooperatives;
  • drafting and providing assessments of internal governing documents of cooperatives – regulations, charters, resolutions;
  • recovering internal and external receivables;
  • representing cooperatives in court disputes and before administrative authorities;
  • advising on labour-related matters;
  • providing support in the preparation for, and holding of, annual meetings, member group meetings, supervisory board meetings, management board meetings, meetings of individual committees;
  • advising on legal matters around real property, spatial governance, leasehold legislation;
    providing cooperatives with ongoing legal support.
KNSK - Kancelaria Adwokatów i Radców Prawnych
We offer our clients.. Knowledge and responsibility for the entrusted matter.
KNSK - Kancelaria Adwokatów i Radców Prawnych

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