KNSK - Kancelaria Adwokatów i Radców Prawnych
KNSK - Kancelaria Adwokatów i Radców Prawnych
KNSK - Kancelaria Adwokatów i Radców Prawnych

Swiss franc loans and other banking products

CHF loans and other banking products.
In the mid-2000s banks leveraged their privileged position to start granting CHF-denominated consumer loans. Loan agreements contained unfair clauses that were non-negotiable despite being critical to the amounts of instalments paid by consumers.

Banks engaged in similar unfair practices by offering so-called saving insurance policies, charging disproportionately high fees for account closure. One other equally abusive instrument involved insurance for low down payments on loans, where banks shifted the cost of down-payment insurance on customers to cover their own business risk.

Our Firm has a record of successfully assisting Customers in their legal disputes with banks, helping them to reclaim unfairly incurred costs, and to invalidate unfavourable clauses in their loan agreements.

Our legal assistance involves in particular:

  • examining loan agreements and other agreements with banks on a free-of-charge basis;
  • helping Customers to have their loans converted from foreign currencies to the Polish currency;
  • helping Customers to nullify their loan agreements;
  • representing Customers in their negotiations with banks and financial institutions;
  • representing Customers in court proceedings.
KNSK - Kancelaria Adwokatów i Radców Prawnych
We offer our clients.. Knowledge and responsibility for the entrusted matter.
KNSK - Kancelaria Adwokatów i Radców Prawnych

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